Monday, 27 September 2010

Fashion Weekend Outfits

Following on from yesterday’s massively over-excitable blog, tonight tackles the difficult question of what the hell you wear to London Fashion Weekend.

I think I would have a proper wardrobe meltdown if I actually had to dress for Fashion Week itself (though I guess it helps if you’re famous and well-connected and the designers just lend you something to wear...panic over). Back in the backwater of south London in which I reside, there is no designer borrowing, just panicky scanning of my wardrobe and hating everything...but thankfully I had my sister there to slap some sense into me and we reached outfit decisions.

Firstly the attempts to convince myself that I could wear heels all day were put to rest quite quickly! I also knew I wanted to wear a dress...and inevitably a stripe was going to be involved. So here is my London Fashion Weekend outfit...and I was quite pleased with myself!


One of my favourite dresses, a beautiful green BCGB Max Azria number (bought from a designer discount outlet in Pennsylvania!), stripey Gap top, sparkly black tweed Zara jacket (the £10 bargain I've mentioned before), my new Max C handbag, Bex Rox neon friendship bracelet (bought from discount site Cocosa...and the subject of mocking because I bought a friendship bracelet for myself!), ring from Accessorise and a corsage from Oasis (bought years ago in the first flush of Sex & the City).

And this is my lovely sister! She did attempt heels...brogues on the journey there, changed into heels when we arrived, changed back out of them a few hours later! But the raspberry M&S numbers were good while they lasted!

The rest of the outfit was a Kate Moss for Topshop jacket, black Gap trousers from the new range I’ve blogged about before (I think she said she got the curvy cut), the scarf is from Primark, the handbag from House of Fraser, and the lipstick was Lancome and was beautiful!

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