Monday, 25 October 2010

As (Hopefully) Seen on Me!

I’m sort of continuing the work wear theme tonight but only because the clothes I’m featuring are not only gorgeous but can also look great in your work environment.

I was chatting to friends at the weekend about our first ever purchases on the Asos website and its early incarnation of ‘As Seen on Screen’ when you really did buy their own brand clothes that were inspired by what famous folk had been wearing. My sister, my friend Lisa and I all simultaneously purchased the ‘Madge’ bomber jacket! To my shame, I also recall buying a chiffon number in the style of...brace yourselves...that great style icon Lindsey Lohan! It languished in my wardrobe for about a year before finding itself in a charity shop.

Since then, Asos has turned into the behemoth of online retail and stocks massive numbers of brands, not just high street, but independent and designer. They also still do their own brand stuff. The friends I chatted to at the weekend didn’t realise how great some of the own brand Asos stuff is (maybe they’ve had their own ‘LiLo’ experiences to get over!!).

My favourite is ‘Asos White’ – lots of lovely daywear, in great cuts and with interesting detailing. It’s not really cheap but then you are getting some good quality clothing in wools, silks and leather...and there’s always a sale around the corner if it’s out of your budget!

For me this is also great work wear, as they’re all separates that can slot into your wardrobe. It describes the range as ‘simple, minimal and lux’...three words I love when I want to smarten myself up for work!

These are my favourite items in the collection.

Leather pencil skirt - £80 (top of the list...I absolutely love this!)

Wool belted peg leg trouser - £65

Silk cowl neck dress - £65

Leather waisted high vamp shoe - £85 (these are way too high for me but I cannot let my heel aversion stop me showing you these beauties!)

Pleated skirt blazer - £100

Jersey sleeve wool rich cowl front blazer - £100

Leather insert skinny jeans - £65 (not really suitable for my working environment but I’ve had my eye on these for a while...I love the leather detailing).

p.s. if you're in the USA, there is good news because Asos has recently launched its US site: Asos USA

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