Friday, 8 October 2010

Kiss kiss

This week’s lust item is a complete indulgence. It is a thing of beauty...something decadent and luxurious and makes me want to be in a dark, moody supper club listening to sultry jazz, wearing a cocktail dress, drinking a martini and smoking a cigarette through a beautiful cigarette holder (and I don’t even smoke!).

Apologies again because I have risen up in the designer clouds once more and this time I’m floating around with Tom Ford. And specifically, I am wearing Mr Ford’s gorgeous lipstick and proudly carrying the heavy, proper grown-up-lady lipstick in my clutch bag!

Tom Ford lipstick - £35

One of the reasons for reaching the decision that £35 wasn’t such an horrendous amount of money to spend on a lipstick was because of a recent experience with a Topshop lip crayon.

I recently purchased a few bits and pieces from the very gorgeous Topshop make-up range. I’ve mentioned before that the packaging is very cute and there are some lovely colours. I bought a pink blusher and a pink ‘Lip Stick’ in Rosa. It is bright pink and I have loved wearing it...and at only £6 seemed like a bargain. However, after a week of use, the stick is no more...I’ve used it up! I’m trying to get the last little bit of lipstick out of the crayon but we’re talking about a matter of days left. And suddenly the £6 lipstick doesn’t seem like such a bargain...actually, it seems like quite a lot for one week of wear!

So using the power of female economics, I realised that the decadent Tom Ford lipstick would only have to last me six weeks and it would be the same price as the Topshop one. So in reality it’s quite cheap!

I know, I’m stretching it a bit but the powers of persuasion and logic we apply when we want something are limitless!

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