Thursday, 7 October 2010

In the Chanel Clouds

I’ve said before that I don’t want my blog to be too focused on designers and celebrities (other than Claudia Winkleman!). However, I’ve also previously confessed to an adoration of Chanel and the influence of Chanel style on a lot of my wardrobe. And tonight’s blog is short and a little dose of Chanel.

Chanel SS11 -
I cannot afford to buy anything from Chanel…...other than the occasional nail polish...and if you can, you lucky, lucky girl! But when there is a designer that has a recognisable and iconic style that really strikes a chord with your own, then it doesn’t matter if you cannot afford it. The catwalk, the ad campaigns, even the ‘muses’ are a joy to look at!

So indulge me tonight if Chanel is not the style temple at which you worship (!) because here are the catwalk photos from the epic SS11 show held in Paris earlier this week, the gorgeous front row girls (including my fashion crush Clemence Poesy showing how to work the simplest of looks and a video of the whole thing. Oh, and a behind the scenes blog from the fashion blogger ‘Alex Loves’.

Chanel SS11 -
Don’t worry, I’ll be back on the high street tomorrow...but tonight my head is in the Chanel clouds!

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