Friday, 15 October 2010

Cute Lady Scarf

I love a scarf and have more than I care to mention...piles of them! Obviously as it gets colder and colder, the knitted variety is needed but sometimes we need a little silk beauty to set off an outfit. Even something very plain can suddenly come to life with the addition of a scarf. My lovely friend Lisa is the queen of scarves (and fact all accessories!) and she always has a great scarf to complete her outfit...she was working a leopard print when I saw her earlier in the week.

So this week’s lust item is a scarf that I would love to add to the pile...and hopefully wear! I could ramble about it and everything I love...but I think this little baby stands up for itself!

The DKNY cute lady twill silk scarf (admittedly £70...but I am lusting, not buying!)


  1. Thank you for the scarf mention! I have scarf sorrow to report...the amazing pirate skull beauty from Zara I snapped up last winter has vanished...I think I may have accidentally added it to the scarf charity shop!!! Still mourning it. Might console myself with the lady above, or more likely alas the first pretender to hit the high st....xxxx

  2. Oh no...what a nightmare! I loved that scarf! There are so many great scarves on the high don't have to drop £70 on good one. This one would definitely be a little treat!


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