Friday, 1 October 2010

Navy & Black

I think there may be a little too much footwear in the lust item each week...but it’s the truth. I do seem to lust after footwear an awful lot...even slippers!

M&S suede round toe buckle pumps - £45

These little beauties have even been on my feet. I tried them on a month or so ago on my weekend in Cardiff and they are comfortable. So stylish and comfortable...why the hell didn’t I buy them?! I was trying to be restrained...I’m not sure how much longer this will last, but at least if/when I do buy them I will know that lust has turned to love.

They are very chic...not completely flat, a tiny heel and a mixture of suede and patent leather. And they’re navy and black. For so many years there seemed to be the fashion rule not to wear navy and black. I’m not sure where this mantra came from (a bit like being told not to wear black and white when I was a teenager because I risked being mistaken for a waitress when I was out for an evening!)...but navy and black is so chic.

I think it’s all about texture – these shoes work because of the mixture of textured suede and shiny patent. The same with clothing...a navy silk blouse looks so chic with a pair of black woollen trousers. You’ve just got to have some contrast with texture and then it works and looks great.

I am already imagining myself in these shoes with some ankle-skimming black straight leg trousers, a silk blouse...and maybe throw on my bath-mat H&M woollen gilet!

Navy and black – embrace!

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