Monday, 4 October 2010

Triple the accessories

Over the years I’ve learnt that you should never rule out the shopping potential of any high street store. As much as you might feel that their stock is not really your style/for your age/in your price range, you can always be surprised.

The shop that’s a little out of your price bracket could have a sale on, buried in a corner of Country Casuals could be a great blazer that doesn’t look dowdy (you never know!) and amongst the crop tops and 90s grunge regalia in Miss Selfridge there may be something that you can wear and feel comfortable in...without baring your belly! And while the stock one season may not be your cup of tea, the next they can turn it I’ve found with Next.

One of the shops that I dip into now and again is River Island. I’m not a big fan of the clothing...most of it isn’t my style at all...but what they do really, really well is accessories, particularly shoes. I honestly struggled to choose only four to feature on tonight's blog...there was so many great shoes and boots.

Red wedge sandal - £44.99 (as championed by Grazia’s fashion editor at large, Melanie Rickey!)

Blue wedge shoes - £69.99 (which I’d never be able to walk in but I’m loving from a distance!)

Grey lace-up ankle boots - £74.99

White flower print flat brogues - £24.99

Another shop that I drop into for accessories is Wallis. Wallis sell great handbags! I bought a purple suede studded number from there last winter which is just incredible...and I got for a bargain £30. My friend Lisa has an amazing green handbag from there too (I’ll post some pictures of both another time).

Ochre buckle satchel - £38

Tan block mini bag - £33

Grey trim shopper bag - £35

Grey snake trim hobo - £37

And my final accessories tip is Evans. I know that if you tend to fall under the starting size for Evans clothing, it’s not going to be a shop you visit very often. But even if the clothing isn’t for you it’s worth having a look because they have great jewellery.

Fox head ring - £12

Paisley print bangle - £10

Lace covered stone earrings - £5

Crochet corsage - £10

p.s. and if you are size 14 and great is this Beth Ditto for Evans heart print skirt?! I love it!


  1. love all the stuff on this one. may well buy on thur eve!! my wallis bag is a beauty. only £30 or so. However i've been overfilling it for months and the strap is wearing out. but couldnt really ask for more of it!! xxx

  2. The River Island shoes and boots are amazing...I literally had ten I could have featured. There are so many I want to buy! Are you off shopping on Thursday?! You'll need to report back on what you get...and if you do get anything from River Island, Wallis or Evans, photos need to be supplied! xx

  3. yes - i hope to go anyway! will bring camera!! xx

  4. also - pretty sure Cher from X-Factor has been snapped in those grey River Island ankle boots! Not sure if this is an endorsement but I'm mentioning it anyway! x

  5. Good grief...never thought I would have any style similarities with Cher...either the elder or younger!

  6. WOW! Those electric blue shoes are amazing!! I feel the same with River Island, not really my thing clothes-wise but it seems to be where it's at with regard to shoes. Love the fox head ring from Evans too. x

  7. I know...I love them! Tempted to buy even though I know I could never walk in them!

  8. I got Wallis promo codes from this space and I can totally vouch for the discount vouchers available here. They are saving-worthy and I was able to buy extra stuff than usual through them.

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