Thursday, 28 October 2010

Instant Vintage Fashion Tip

It’s time for October’s fashion tip of the month. My brother and his lovely girlfriend Laura live in Bath and Laura told me about an amazing shop called Instant Vintage. It stocks clothing that is inspired by vintage designs but at prices that won’t make you choke!

I love vintage but the prices that some stores charge is astronomical, particularly in London. Often you’re being charged £50 for a summer dress that may be vintage but it’s also seen better days. When I was growing up we would go to jumble sales and pick up bags of clothes for a much ‘vintage’ stock these days belongs back in the jumble sales!

There are some vintage stores that I think make a huge effort to get the stock right - this sounds pretentious but they have a ‘well-edited’ selection (sorry!) - and don’t charge a fortune. One of my favourites is Marshmallow Mountain in Kingly Court, just next to Carnaby Street. I always find something I would love to buy.

Anyway, ‘Instant Vintage’ gets around the difficulty of trying to get ‘vintage’ in your size and in good condition. All sizes are available and it’s brand spanking new! The dresses are my favourite items on the site, though the jewellery from the Danish designer Lisbeth Dahl is also lovely.

And the reason I’m including it on Edna is that it’s also fully up and running for online retail (hurrah!) and you don’t have to be lucky enough to live in beautiful Bath to shop there.

Emily ballerina dress - £30

Anise navy dress - £55

Diva dress - £55

Flapper dress - £48

Emma dress - £48

Teardrop bracelet - £14.95

Stretchy glass acorn bracelet - £14.50

Bow corsage - £5

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