Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Cold comfort

There are some days when the decision you take at 7am on what to wear haunts you for the rest of the day. Today was one of those days.

I had meetings most of the day, so it needed to be one of my smart days. Yet, after all these years, I still seem to struggle with marrying smart with warm. Bulky warm clothes just don’t look right if you’re trying to look like a serious business woman; lots of layers can err on the side of bohemian...which can be fine for lots of work environments, just not mine on these sorts of days. And lots of layers also requires lots of planning, possibly night before outfit planning, as more can go wrong with so many more items of clothing!

Anyway, the upshot of all this is that while I was quite pleased with the way I looked (I even rocked my 1940s style raspberry pink shoes!), I froze my arse off all day. By 6pm I was desperate to find a shop, any shop in fact, that sold woollen garments. It reminded me of being in Copenhagen last December having misjudged my packing to such a degree (and for quite good reasons) that I almost got hypothermia and spent every free moment shopping...I bought faux fur lined over the knee boots, a hat, scarf...anything to shield me from the biting wind.

What I would have loved to have been wearing today to protect me from the October elements...

Topshop premium faux fur lined coat - £130

Zara dress - £89.99

River Island black heeled hiking boot - £39.99

Tabio 210 denier tights – a rather stiff £18...but they look so warm and winter-proof. I am so cold tonight, I could definitely imagine myself handing my card over for these!

Miss Selfridge horse print scarf - £16

Once you whip the coat off, the dress is smart enough to carry you through the day on its own...perhaps a bit of statement jewellery would be needed. The shape is great and it's a very smart winter dress. And if the boots with the shearling are too much for your office environment, classic black heels would work a treat...though not quite so warm and cosy!

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