Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Work Wear for Evening Events

Tonight is all about what I would wear for a formal business dinner or evening event. Again, what you wear really depends on the type of event and the environment in which you work. When I’m choosing what to buy and wear for a work event, I want something that is that little bit more dressed up than my daywear but not too full on.

And the word I want to avoid at all costs is ‘sexy’. Not that I tend to aim for sexy in very much of what I wear (much to Mr W’s chagrin, who complains that on occasion I can look like his nan!) but with evening wear a lot of what’s on offer is upping the sexy-ante!

One of my favourite outfits and what I’m wearing in tonight’s photo is a dress that is a similar cut to last night’s. Slightly shorter sleeves but the fitted top and slight tulip shape on the bottom really works for me...it’s great for a pear shape. But the fabric, colour and beading detail really dresses it up for the evening.

And I love the length, not too much leg on show. I know this sounds so conservative but I just feel more comfortable if the look I’m going for is smart, elegant and dressy but not too glamorous...though I would tart my hair and make up a lot more than in the photo!

So I guess I often go for clothing that is pretty similar to my smarter daywear but just in dressier fabrics, with a smaller handbag and a bit more slap on! If I wore trousers for an event, I would perhaps pair them with a silk top, pendant necklace, blazer and clutch.

The rest of the outfit is an LK Bennett lace clutch bag (bought for my sister’s wedding) and purple satin LK Bennett shoes (bought in the sale for £65...for my own wedding!). Oh, and the dress is another Reiss number...and again a sales purchase.


  1. Katie,
    Love, love the dress and accessories! You look great!!

  2. I love it too...it's quite a few years old. I wore it out on my 30th and wore it with grey leopard print tights to stop it being quite so classic. But that's what I love about these sorts of dresses - they can work in lots of different environments.


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