Friday, 29 October 2010

Choosing a cape

If you are in any way trying not to spend money, look away now... because this season Zara is full to bursting with amazing clothes. Literally packed. I have a Zara about a minute from my office and it's dangerous just walking past it at the moment.

The October Lookbook is gorgeous, full of clothes that would easily fit into your everyday wardrobe but also make you look like a swish grown-up! Very Celine but not too minimalist!

I am dying to buy the blazer I featured last week as well as many, many other items but this is top of the list. A very sleek black cape which would set off any winter outfit very well...and this week's lust item! 


p.s. this is potentially second on the list but I’m not know when you like something but have a lingering doubt that it may be tipping into ugly territory. I’m not sure whether it’s a bit 1970s football manager. Maybe it needs a trying on session to see which way it goes?! 

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