Wednesday, 6 October 2010

+J Coats

There are times when I sound like a walking saleswoman for Uniqlo! I know talk of basics can be boring but Uniqlo really is my go-to place for wardrobe essentials at very reasonable prices. Even today they have beautiful cashmere mix v-neck sweaters in an array of colours down to £14.99. A total bargain.

Talking of bargains, I bagged a recent lust item of the week...down from £24.99 to £9.99. I skipped out of the shop and will be swishing along in my flirty polka dots on a street in London very soon!

I’ve blogged before about the great designer collaborations in Uniqlo. They also do a +J range with the designer Jil Sander. I don’t know the ins and outs of it all, but the minimalist designer lost the rights to her name (and her company) some time ago, so while the Jil Sander brand still exists (and is rather lovely) she is not associated with it...which must be very strange. Losing the rights to your name?!

Anyway, Jil Sander now collaborates with Uniqlo on the very chic +J range...and the next collection is hitting stores on 14 October. It is the coats that I have totally fallen in love with. They are simple but have beautiful detailing...the fabrics look luxe and the cuts very chic. I have no idea on price but at this point I am just loving from a distance.

A great winter coat sets off every single outfit and given the length of the British winter, is never going to be something that just languishes in the closet.

14 October...put the date in your diary!


  1. i have just hit the Uniqlo website on the tip off about the polka dot skirt!!! came away with a trove of treasures. i got the damask style skirt!! and a heap of other stuff, just over £60 so no P&P!! Thank you Edna!! xxxx

  2. Excellent!! I need to see what else you got. I'm thinking of getting a v-neck cashmere mix black sweater...for £14.99! May drop by again tomorrow...lethal that it's a 5 minute walk from my office!


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