Monday, 11 October 2010

Head First

Prada SS07 -
I’m very excited to have hit 23 followers! Thank you so much all my lovely followers! If I hit 25 between now and the end of the year, I may have a little party. Actually, I’ve already decided that when I reach 1000 visitors to my blog I’m going to have a celebration...not sure where or what but frocks and bubbles will be involved!

But I also need to apologise because I’m not 100% fashion focused at the moment. I’m having a ‘challenging’ couple of weeks as our bathroom is being renovated (by Mr W!). This has meant that I’ve spent two weeks without a bath or shower at this is what our bathroom looks like at the moment.

Just showering every day, putting some semblance of workwear on and being in the office feels like a real achievement. So any idea of taking photos of outfits has gone out of the window, as I’m too busy trekking across London, armed with a towel, trying to bathe!!

I will be back to full fighting fashion strength soon (I really, really hope!) and have a big workwear feature planned.

For now, there will be less of me and more of the what’s caught my eye and imagination.

A few weeks ago I spotted a couple of Hoss Intropia hats in a magazine and they've stayed with me. I swear by hats in winter. The only time I struggle with them (other than size issues around having a massive head...only my sister has a bigger one!) is when my hair has been quite short and then they can look odd. If you don’t have some hair visible, you can look a bit like a bloke!

I looked on the Hoss Intropia website – which if you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know I love and have cooed over before – and they had some great headwear.

I think I got over-excited too as I mistook some chiffon clutch bags for turbans and started thinking about how I could work a turban into my look! I haven’t ever been brave enough to attempt a turban but there is something very 1970s Halston/YSL about them...very boho-luxe. Prada had a collection a few years back which just showed how great a turban can look (photo above). However, I would need to find a proper turban first, rather than making an attempt with a clutch bag!

Anyway – headgear and Hoss Intropia...bit pricey (some of the hats were around £55 mark I think) but original, great quality and a real statement. And in Britain, in our long cold winter, a hat is a very practical statement to make!

Ok, fashion fun over, back to shopping for toilet seats!


  1. Oh my! A turban would be such a style statement, really got me thinking now!! Will definitely have a look at the Hoss Intropia site.


  2. Lovely selection - I love a hat too and am keen to break away from my user baker boy cap/beret...x

  3. Love those hats! Especially the newspaper boy ones. Your blog is great. Would you like to follow each other?

    Love, M

  4. I know, I love the idea of a turban. Thinking of road-testing it at a party at home...then if I look an arse, it's easy to whip off and not many people will have seen the fashion failure!

    I'm now a follower Match Box Muse! I love your blog too! xx


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