Friday, 16 July 2010

Lust item of week – 1940s shoe!

A quickie tonight as it’s 5pm and I really need to go out and have a glass of wine somewhere and not be in front of a computer...even in front of a computer looking at fashion! I also think I probably over did it with yesterday’s epic, so this one will be short and sweet!

Before I get on to it though, I hope you like my lovely new header! I’m very excited about it – it actually now looks like a proper blog and not quite so amateurish! My very talented other half created it for me last night – so thank you Mr W!

Also, I feel I should come clean and confess that I’ve broken the fashion fast! After saying how great and proud I was feeling for not buying anything for ages, I had a moment of weakness today and within 15 minutes had bought two dresses in the sale at Uniqlo and a jacket on the sale in Zara! Only £40 in total but I’m supposed to be aiming for zero! Still, they are rather lovely, so I’ll get organised over the weekend and do a mini fashion shoot and post some photos!

Back to lusting (from a distance!). I love these shoes from Clarks. And I know Clarks is not very cool but amongst the grandma shoes and action sandals, they do have the odd little beauty. I was organising my shoes a few months ago and felt a little embarrassed at the number I have from Clarks! Not exactly a Jimmy Choo level shoe collection in my household!! I was also amused a few weeks ago to read about the reggae rapper/singer who is addicted to Clarks shoes
and as a result there’s been a huge surge in their popularity in Jamaica! The Clarks on Regent Street are always rammed full of tourists as it’s viewed as a quality British go Clarks!

I always think it’s worth having a look in any shop as buried treasure can be found anywhere...and this is definitely true of Clarks. These have really quirky 1940s styling, a comfortable heel height and come in really pretty colours – I’ve shown them in electric blue and raspberry suede. My sister bought a pair ages ago in dark if she’s reading this, hopefully she can comment on the comfort/style factor (and send over some photos of them in action so I can post them). Like everything I seem to be posting at the moment, they're also in the sale - down from £59.99 to £39.99. If they go under £30, they're mine!


  1. I too have lot of Clarks shoes - there are always a few gems in amongst the granny shoes!! Love your 'lust item' in both the pink and blue - they'd look great for work, or with a pretty dress or to funk up a pair of jeans on a night out... keep up the great work Katie - the blog is great as always xxxx

  2. Do you remember that you bought me a pair of red Clarks shoes as a leaving present from Farnham?! We had a secret Clarks habit even back then! I love these shoes...finding heeled shoes that are comfortable to walk in is the holy grail!

  3. In work on a Sunday and my first port of call is Edna! The shoes are very comfortable and for a mid heel shoe still have the desired effect of making your legs look longer. I would say that you also walk more elegantly, but then this is me we're talking about! I will try and get a photo.
    I've also got a pair of the famous desert boots and saw them paired with a floaty summer skirt in a magazine the other day which I really loved and will probably try.

  4. I bought some grey patent leather desert boots a year or two ago. very cute with dresses. i checked the Clarks website again today - shoes are still £39.99 - willingly them to drop the price to £29.99!


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