Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Summer Inspiration…and a bit of Cat Power

Another short blog tonight. Boringly I still have lots of pain in my right arm, so took today off work and swore off the computer all day. I’m hoping to be back at full typing strength over the next couple of days!

Until then, a few more photos than text. I have been moping around the house all day and was flicking through a copy of Grazia magazine and spotted a stunning geometric wrap dress from the Spanish label Hoss Intropia and it reminded me of their gorgeous website...which features a song from the glorious Cat Power. Suitably melancholic music for my melancholy mood! It’s one of the few times that a website has featured music where I haven’t gone straight for the mute button!

I walk past Hoss Intropia most days and look longingly in the window.
The clothes are beautiful, quite Marni-esque in style with lots of intricate detailing and interesting fabrics and shapes. Unfortunately, the price tags are not quite so attractive, so most of the times I do venture into the store it’s to look longingly rather than make a purchase. They do have great sales – proper 50% off this season’s stock type sales. And during one of these I did buy a striped skirt that I was admiring for months, down from £80ish to £40ish (when I get better at this, I’ll take a photo and post it).

So for now, on this quiet day that I’ve been having, I’ve been enjoying looking at the summer collection from Hoss Intropia, wanting to wear it all and intending to use it as inspiration for the rest of the summer...

And a few photos to show you how gorgeous it is and what I want to be wearing this summer.

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