Thursday, 29 July 2010

Chanel Inspiration

I think I’ve already hinted that I have a bit of a love affair with Chanel...admittedly it’s a long distance relationship (and one put under strain by the A/W 2010 yeti-inspired collection!) My love for Chanel is about inspiration, rather than acquisition – I almost faint when I look at the prices. This is especially true given the recent announcement of a 20% increase in the price of its bags so that the admittedly iconic Chanel 2.55 bag now costs...brace yourself...£2045!

But, if I did win the lottery,
one of the first things I would treat myself to (obviously after giving most of it away to charity and friends and family...(!)) would be a classic black Chanel dress and maybe a boucle suit. Even though Chanel is so classic and elegant, it still feels modern and fresh (such as this great photo of Vanessa Paradis in a gorgeous Chanel jacket) and inspires so much of what I wear.

I think this is true for
lots of women, even subconsciously. So many of us own handbags with chain straps – I have one that I bought from Marc B, who does a great range. The use of corsages (which I know became huge after Sex and the City) can also be linked back to Chanel and the iconic camellia. I have a black jacket which is boucle in styling, with frayed edges (and £10 in Zara!) which is clearly modelled on Chanel. And then there is the stripe...which Coco started wearing after seeing Breton sailors in their stripey tops. I’m going to sound a little repetitive here, but stripes are an integral part of my wardrobe.

At least one day a week, my outfit is inspired by Chanel...and this week is no exception (although there’s probably a bit more fussiness in what I’m wearing than in the simplicity of Chanel).

My striped Zara jacket, worn with the cheapy Uniqlo dress, my new Clarks raspberry pink shoes...and
floral Cath Kidson handbag (I love the mix of stripes and florals), with an old necklace from the Erickson Beamon range at Debenhams.

For some more Chanel inspiration...

If you are interes
ted in Coco Chanel (which I was even more so after seeing the brilliant Coco before Chanel) then I cannot recommend enough Axel Madsen’s “Coco Chanel: A Biography”. Her life is fascinating. I also noticed on Amazon that Justine Picardie is releasing a biography in September, so also worth a read when it comes out.

I received a gorgeous Christmas present from my brother last year, which is a book of classic Chanel designs - "Chanel: Collections & Creations. I love flicking through it and always find it inspiring.

And on screen, everything I’ve been reading about the new film ‘Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky’ says that it is beautiful and just stunning to watch.

p.s. how great are my new Clarks shoes! I’m in love!

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