Sunday, 5 September 2010

A nice surprise at Next!

I’ve just returned from a weekend in a city that I love...Cardiff...with two women I absolutely mum and sister! I’ve only just got in so this will be a short one.

, a weekend with my mum and sister involves a little bit of shopping as it’s an activity we love! For the first time in ages I went into Next. I know some women love Next (as evidenced by the manic, fervent, obsessive behaviour around sales time...queuing outside a shop at 5am?!?) but I've never been one of them. I've bought the odd item from there (and have friends who look great in their Next finery!) but it’s never top of my list on the high street. I’m still not a big fan – I hate the advertising, I don’t like their styling, I really don’t like their website...but, I went in there on Saturday and found myself in the changing rooms with a massive pile of clothes to try on!

There’s lots of dross to wade th
rough but they must have got a few good designers in this season. They’re channelling a bit of Chanel, some hints of Mulberry and a massive old dose of Isabel Marant! I was impressed! I bought a black and camel striped top for £16

But for the life of me cannot find the dress I bought on the will have to post a photo wearing it.

A couple of other items I liked...

Lace jacket - £28

Black lace collar blouse - £30

Mohair mixed striped sweater – £22

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