Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Balloons, toadstools, birds & bees!

I haven’t had time yet to take good photos of my weekend’s purchases...just a Twitter photo of my bargain Juicy Couture polka dot woollen coat so far! I will get organised and get my camera out (though given how dark it is in the evenings, the best light is in the morning...and getting organised enough to get Mr W to photograph me in new togs before I leave for work is going to take a herculean level of organisation and morning efficiency!!).

I did want to post about the necklace my sister bought from an absolutely gorgeous jewellery designer called Clara Francis. Her stall at London Fashion Weekend really stood out...it was all beautifully presented, with so much thought and creativity...lots of brown paper, lace, labels all handwritten, old clocks, woodland themes...really enticing and pretty. It is not cheap but then it is all handmade in London, so you are getting something that is lovingly and carefully made...so a great present for yourself (!) or others. And all very quirky and individual.

This is the necklace my sister bought...

Hummingbird necklace - £60 (bought by my sister at a reduced £40 at London Fashion Weekend). I’m hoping my sister will send a photo of the necklace in action!

There were some other lovely standout pieces (including a silver owl...which I cannot seem to find on the website, so cannot include as my owl of the month!). I completely fell in love with the toadstool and hot air balloon necklaces shown below. Unfortunately the photography on the website really doesn’t do these beautiful pieces enough justice.

Toadstool necklace - £80

Bee necklace - £90

Hot air balloon necklace - £90

It would be helpful if the website had a list of all the current stockists. There is a little too much flowery language and not enough hard edged information, such as where to buy...and the online shop doesn't have the same level of stock that we saw at LFW.

Hopefully this will improve...and the wonderful jewellery from Clara Francis will reach a wider audience.

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