Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Embracing Fashion Night Out!

A quick one tonight as I’ve not long come home from the Fashion Night Out in London. I mentioned it earlier in the week and that I was uncertain about bits of the evening and what was happening. I am lucky in that I work in central London and aside from a little bit of research, all I did this evening was wander around Regent Street and Oxford Street and drop into shops. And it was brilliant!

Discounts, drinks, DJs. Honestly, I cannot recommend it enough. Central London was just a hive of activity...women everywhere shopping and having fun! I dropped into Oasis (where there was 20% off everything...and there’s 30% off everything online tonight until midnight)...there were prizes, music, cava...I loved it. Though unfortunately I didn’t like what I went into buy when I saw it in the flesh (a grey military cardigan/jacket which turned out to be metallic which I wasn’t so keen on).

Cos was the very picture of elegant shopping, with waiters wandering around with trays of champers! Reiss had DJs and G&Ts! In the end I came home without having made a purchase (though did sample free bubbly!) but that’s because I was really trying to be restrained.

Next year, I’m getting a gang of girls together and hitting Fashion Night Out...and would highly recommend you do the same!

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