Thursday, 2 September 2010

Zara blazers finally online

Following on the heels of Gap and Banana Republic, another high street store has finally entered the modern age and introduced online shopping. Zara has finally embraced online retail...hurrah!

It’s great to have these shops online as for many people it can be difficult to get to a city and visit them in the flesh. I grew up in a small, isolated town in mid-Wales and it took 50 minutes to drive to the nearest small city...and the choice there was limited to M&S, Monsoon, Laura Ashley...and a bit of Tammy Girl, back in the day, if you were lucky!

And all three of these shops are great for your working wardrobe. One of the main items o
f clothing I go to Zara to buy are blazers. They really sell a great, well made, well fitting selection of blazers. And for me the days of buying a suit for work are long was always difficult to get the fit right on the budget I had.

Instead I am separates all the way. I think with a blazer it can
suddenly turn clothes that you would wear at the weekend into something that is appropriate for a smarter office environment. A t-shirt, with a blazer and necklace, suddenly becomes office attire.

I do have a problem with some of the sizing on Zara clothes. Trousers can be difficult because they're about a foot too long for me and it’s difficult to envisage whether they will actually look good when taken up! And for a lot of the items they stock, I seem to be a large...and I’m a size 8-10! This makes even choosing what to take into the changing room a nightmare. So for now I’m focusing on what I love Zara for...the blazer!

Zara double breasted blazer - £69.99

Short sheep skin jacket - £59.99

Short cross over blazer - £49.99

Partridge eye blazer - £49.99

College plush blazer - £39.99

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