Sunday, 26 September 2010

Catwalk Frenzy!

There is a risk that in this post I am going to come across as a bit of an air-head...but here we go...

Yesterday was one of the most exciting days of my life. I went to London Fashion Weekend and saw my very first catwalk show...and I almost passed out! Ridiculous, over the top, slightly embarrassing, I know, but it’s the truth...and I loved it.

If you don’t know what London Fashion Weekend is, it’s not the same as London Fashion Week, which is a trade, invitation/press-only event for those in the industry. The Weekend is for us non-industry folk and you buy tickets...and it’s a designer discount shopping frenzy. You can either buy standard tickets to get in; tickets that include the 30 minute catwalk show; or tickets that also include a goody bag on top of all this.

My sister and I went yesterday and went for all three (we’re not the sort of women to not go for a goody bag!) and everything about the day was brilliant! I’ll try to limit the exclamations of joy but trust me, if you love fashion and shopping, you would have been with me on the passing out!

I’m going to do another blog tomorrow on the purchases made (though I did manage to exercise some restraint) and what we wore for the day (one of the few times I planned an outfit the night before!) but tonight I wanted to post about the catwalk show.

I’m sure if you go to shows frequently this sounds very naïve but it was exhilarating and wonderful! When the lights went down, the music started booming out and the models came onto the catwalk it was incredible.

I cannot imagine what it’s like if you’re watching some of the amazing productions of top designers, with supers on the catwalk. If you're ever at the stage when you’re blasé about it then it would be a huge shame because it's exciting and fun. I guess a bit like the female equivalent of watching a live football game. Enjoyable in magazines and onscreen but amazing in the flesh! I think I’d be tempted to cheer on my favourite models!

I know that the high street has started to put on its own catwalk shows. The Westfield shopping centre and shops on Regent Street in London have just put on catwalk shows. I’m sure other cities do the same and I would love to hear about them and your experiences.

I love the idea of the high street...and smaller independent boutiques...putting on their own fashion shows around the time of fashion week...and throughout the year. It’s such as great way of engaging and exciting your clients...i.e. us!

We may not be spending £1000 on a handbag and flying to Milan to catch a catwalk show but we are shopping and spending money and keeping shops in we deserve a little treat in the form of a catwalk show now and again! It’s good for business, it’s showcases new trends, it encourages us to open our purses...and it’s ridiculously enjoyable!

My sister and I sat at the catwalk show pretending we were full on of us Wintour, the other Coddington (though not sure who was who!) and looking around the room, women were all doing the same! It’s fun and funny and I cannot recommend it enough.

So if there is a catwalk show taking place near you, go!

And for shops everywhere...look after your customers, value us, and celebrate what you’re selling by putting on a catwalk show. After experiencing one for the first time yesterday and almost weeing with excitement (clearly not something Wintour would do!) I can honestly say every woman who loves fashion (but doesn’t have fashion industry access) should still get to experience the exhilaration of a catwalk show.

So tonight is a celebration of losing my catwalk virginity...tomorrow is shopping and fashion choices!

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