Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Chanel (via Next) to the rescue

Monday mornings are cheered up no end by a good outfit. The general level of grumpiness that seems to fill the Monday air is definitely alleviated when I pull something good out of the wardrobe and have a flash of inspiration.

Today's inspiration was once again from Chanel, in my new sweater dress from Next. I wore it with studded t-bar flats from Topshop, my new and very gorgeous Max C handbag (I was sold on it the moment I picked it up in the Laden Showroom and then I saw the lining and any lingering self-control went out of the window!), and my Miss Selfridge trench coat (not shown below but shown here).

As superficial as I know it sounds, once attired I was in a much better mood to face the day. Chanel to the rescue once again!


  1. this is Lisa btw - seem to have messed up my profile settings!!!


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