Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Dainty doll not death like pallor!

I am very pale, bordering on pasty some days...and in the depths of winter my skin takes on a cadaver-esque pallor. I’ve experimented with fake tans in the past but they have either caused allergic reactions (sensitive skin has meant some make me come out in a rash...much worse than just being a bit pale!) or streaking...or I generally couldn’t be arsed. Bronzer doesn’t really work on my colouring, although I like a little as a highligher. I do, however, worship at the temple of blusher. It brings me to life.

And generally I don’t mind being pale. I don’t really want to look tanned. I just want to look healthy. So when make-up specifically targeted for pasty folk is launched, a wide smile spreads across my face!

Nicola Roberts, the lovely pale redhead from Girls Aloud, launched ‘Dainty Doll’ a couple of years
ago with the Jelly Pong Pong brand. Not sure what the deal is now but a new range of Dainty Doll products has recently gone on sale on the Harrods website.

And it’s lovely! I have yet to purchase...Harrods is not on my usual shopping trail...but I’m definitely tempted. The packaging is charming and the colourings all look great.

If you’re not pasty, apologies for the exclusion of tonight’s blog. If you are, enjoy...and get some blusher on!

Loose powder - with SPF 18, vitamin E and rich in antioxidants!

Eye shadow in ‘Treat her like a lady’

Blusher in ‘My Girl’

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