Monday, 6 September 2010

Fashion’s Night Out...

It’s ‘Fashion’s Night Out’ on Wednesday...the fashion industry’s big celebration whilst raising money for charity.

For someone who loves fashion and shopping, it sounds like the night of my life (!) but I get the feeling that unless you are a fashion insider, you can feel a bit of a fashion outsider on the night. I don't know whether lots of events are invitation only...I’m struggling with the idea of Louis Vuitton allowing the masses in for free champers or being welcomed with open arms into Christian Louboutin’s ‘mad tea party’! There is a list of what's happening on the night on the Vogue website but it’s not the easiest guide to navigate.

It would be great if the high street put together its own guide of what it’s doing (and what’s happening outside of London). What I've read so far shows that the high street is doing a lot on Fashion's Night Out, such as this great John Lewis and Grazia evening, but I think it needs to promote it more to the shopping masses!

I may venture into a few shops on my way home from work and see what's happening...and possibly encourage a friend to come along too! But if you’ve got any good tips on shops to visit on the night, please post them!

p.s. Talking of tips, I was so impressed with Charlie’s fashion tip last week that I’ve decided that I’m going to have a ‘fashion tip of the month’ from friends and readers. I cannot believe that a shoe shop like Kate Kanzier exists in London and I never knew about it! Fashion secrets that good need to be if you have any you’d like to share each month, email them over.

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