Saturday, 11 September 2010

Inspired by Chung!

Although I don’t like to completely copy celebrities in the way that I dress, there are certain women that I do have a fashion crush on. I’ve mentioned before (in great detail!) my worship at the style altar of Claudia Winkleman (and hold onto your handbags sisters, she’s back on the TV every night soon as Strictly is back!). I adore Clemence Poesy and generally the style of most French actresses! And I love Alexa Chung.

Admittedly a lot of what she wears would never get anywhere near my wardrobe but I love the insouciance of her style, not necessarily the specifics of it. So I wouldn’t wear teeny tiny shorts, uber-minis or over the knee socks but I love her fashion et
hos – pairing something quite sexy and revealing with the opposite, such as a baggy t-shirt or loafers. She is another woman – like Winkleman – who dresses for herself and not for men. That doesn’t mean she isn’t sexy in the way she dresses, it’s just not tits and arse out obvious...which means you can be sexy and chic, all at the same time. Result!

And I find this approach to dressing influences my approach (though I was told today that I ‘channel a lot of old lady’ in the way I dress by my husband...once again the curse of nana-chic!). I like contrasts – so skin tight black jeans with zips down the sides with a ladylike pussy bow blouse. A loose t-shirt tucked into a fitted pencil skirt. Loose boyfriend jeans and a sequined blazer. A pretty summer dress with brogues. And that is very Chung!

Which makes it very exciting that the second collection from the lady herself has just gone on sale with the US brand Madewell. There are a few things I'd love to buy if I could stroll into a Madewell but I’m not keen on overseas delivery (particularly given my recent luck just getting stuff delivered in the the last two weeks Chanel perfume, Kenneth Jay Lane jewellery and chocolate truffles have all been ‘lost in transit’!). So I'll admire from afar...or persuade my sister to get them for me when she’s in the USA next month!

The video on the website of the filming of the campaign is lovely (I love the song, not sure who it is?) and the photos of Alexa in her own togs are just gorgeous.

Annie blouse - $128

Harriet pintuck dress - $150

Sketchbook tea - $48

Greta coat - $275

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