Friday, 24 September 2010

Cosy slippers

This week’s lust item is the very antithesis of yesterday’s summery post. It sums up how I feel in London today. Accessorise describe them as “cosy slipper boots” and I want them on my feet right now!

I bought some slipper boots last winter when I had proper, full-on barely able to move flu. I had to drag myself into the office one day for something that was essential and impossible to do from home. I dragged my carcass into central London, worked for an hour, then staggered home via Accessorise after I spotted slipper boots in the window...bought them and wore them to death last winter...and I’ve now got them back on even though they are battered and knackered.

There’s something really comforting and cosy about them...but admittedly not very rock and roll. And to make matters worse, when I bought them in my flu-induced daze last year, bending over in the middle of the shop, arse in the air, Rhys Ifans, the hairdresser James Brown (Kate Moss’ best mate) and a very tall gorgeous model friend (though thank god not Miss Moss!) walked in and started looking at ‘amusing’ party accessories. I quickly bought my cosy slipper boots and scuttled home.

But I’m not ashamed...and tonight I’m celebrating the slipper boot in public (though only once this winter, don’t worry!).

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