Thursday, 23 September 2010

Last of the summer outfits

Returning to London and going back to work today, with the joys of the morning commute, was a shock to the system. It was also a shock on the fashion front. To go from mid-twenties sunshine, in sun dresses and swimwear, to rain and cold and the need for woollen trousers, scarves and umbrellas was unpleasant to say the least.

Sorry if this is rubbing salt into the weather wound but this is the view, house and weather I left behind yesterday.


I thought I would celebrate an outfit that is probably my last summer outfit of the year. When the sun is shining, I seem to dig out the most colourful items in my wardrobe. Clashing, colourful clothing works in sunny weather in a way that often jars against a gloomy, grey sky (as shown on the Prada catwalk today for SS11...clashing patterns, bright colours, quirky prints...everything I love about summer dressing!).  

I wore this for an afternoon wandering around the gorgeous village of Nyons. And despite the fact that there was a Medieval festival taking place with most of the village dressed up in full re-enactment regalia, this outfit still seemed to garner a lot of attention! I think it was compounded by the fact that Mr W was dressed in skinny jeans, floral shirt, aviators and a jaunty hat (though he was unamused when I used the ‘j’ word!).

The outfit is a Uniqlo maxidress, very, very old Gap cropped jacket, H&M military style bag, Clarks pink and brown sandals and white Oasis cuff.

Mr W in his 'jaunty' hat!

Back in London today, I found myself in Accessorise looking at woollen slipper boots and gravitating towards everything that looked cosy. A huge change on the fashion front in a matter of days. Goodbye summer!

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