Thursday, 16 September 2010

H&M Embraces Modern Age

A theme has been emerging recently...shops that for such a long time had resisted the march of online retail have caved in and embraced the internet in all its powerful glory!

First Gap and Banana Republic, then Zara and now H&M.

What took them so long is anyone’s guess...maybe they thought it wouldn’t last?! But with the power of Asos and the appeal of online shopping for so many women...particularly if you’re not near a city or shopping centre or not able to free up time to spend a day really wasn’t going to be a fad.

I’ve had a look over the H&M website and there are improvements to be made. The main is the stock level - they don’t seem to have anywhere near the level of stock that they have in store. One of the joys (and pains) of H&M is wading through rail upon rail, hating most of it, and then coming across something that is so perfect, so much in your own style and so well priced that you feel the effort has been rewarded.

I also love their designer collaborations. Last year they collaborated with Sonia Rykiel and amongst
the more popular stripes and brights, were a couple of items I bought...a black woollen swing dress with flower corsage and a knitted waist-coat – again in black – which wasn’t off my back all last winter and will probably be the same again this photos will follow.

And hold on to your handbags, this autumn the collaboration is with Lanvin. Cocktail dresses ahoy!

These are some of the items I like on the H&M site (or already own!)

Leopard print wedges - £7.99 (I know!!)

Military canvas bag, which I bought and have used daily and loved. Lots of pockets, lots of space and lightweight in itself, perfect - £14.99

Camel coat - £59.99

Classic striped top - £7.99

Spotty top - £9.99

Striped shirt - £14.99

Necklace - £12.99

*Sorry that links don't go to direct page - another 'issue' on the website but scroll through and you'll find them!


  1. Thanks for the tip-off. Just been onto the site and added it to my shopping favourites. I think I will be getting more things from H&M from the website as I can't stand the store itself (as previously mentioned I have no patience and can never be bothered to riffle through racks/rails of clothes)... this website solves this problem!! Like lots of the products too x

  2. The H&M store is an epic shopping experience...bit like TK Maxx...lots of junk before you find the gold! I'm so tempted by the leopard print wedges...a bargain...and can be packed away ready for next summer!

  3. Hi, if anyone has the green bag above please email me at with a price for it


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