Friday, 3 September 2010

New season satchel

I promise to lay off the leopard print a little after this week! I know there's been a lot of it and there's only so much animal print a woman can take!

But when I saw this bag I knew it had to be a lust item because I've been thinking about it ever since! It's from Jones Bootmaker, which I have to confess rarely going into...but would do if they stocked more items like this.

I like the fact that it's got a bold, statement print but is a satchel so the print is in contrast to the relaxed styling of the bag. It's leather and is £75...and is also available in zebra print!

p.s. Have had a full day shopping in Cardiff with my mum and sister...and showed massive restraint in the face of all the new season temptations. I tried on six pairs of shoes and didn't buy one. Edna readers, you should be proud of me!


  1. Saw your comment on the Guardian about leopard.

    Love this bag!!! Hope the bags are still around when I come over to the UK in November...I used to live in Cardiff.

  2. I think they're new season, so hopefully will still be in stock! I love Cardiff...have been visiting the city for around 16 years and it just gets better and better!


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