Thursday, 9 September 2010

Keeping your possessions cosy!

It’s autumn. The temperature is dropping. Which means unpacking the winter wardrobe, putting away flimsy summery finery and wrapping up warm. I am still clinging desperately to the last vestiges of summer but the layers are slowly starting to be put on.

Going into autumn, a huge trend is
shearling. The already ubiquitous shearling lined aviator jacket is the statement piece of the season. I’m not convinced and unless I suddenly fall into a pit of money, probably won’t be looking to spend a few hundred quid (at the least) on one. Not that I don’t like them...some are gorgeous...but I don’t like them enough. And with any sheepskin jacket, I get a bit nervous about Terry Venables...never, ever do I want to channel El Tel and there’s a risk of dipping a toe in that pond when you put sheepskin on your back!

Saying all this, at the weekend one of the items I was lusting after in Next was a (faux, naturally!) shearl
ing trimmed handbag. It was a beaut...but in classic Next fashion, I cannot find it on its website, so once again cannot show you it! But it did inspire me to look at handbags available in the shops right now with shearling detailing...some are a little much for my taste but it’s definitely a way I think I would wear the trend that won’t blow the bank or make me feel like a football manager.

I saw these tonight in Topshop but can
’t seem to find them on the website...

This isn’t the bag I was hankering aft
er in Next but is still rather nice - £26 (above)

River Island brown sheepskin sho
ulder bag - £39.99

Completely over the top Asos faux shearling bowler - £30

Asos faux shearling slouch bag - £36

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