Saturday, 24 July 2010

Average woman in ugly shoes warning

A friend forwarded me an article from yesterday’s Guardian’s G2 supplement about ‘Worishofers’ – the latest ‘ugly’ shoes to become fashionable.

You migh
t not know the name but if you’ve ever been near that classic sort of shoe shop/ladies outfitters that would have catered for your nan you will recognise them. There are a few little variations (sling-back/mule etc) but essentially they are an orthopaedic demi-wedge with a cork sole.

Apparently the
cool young folk of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, have embraced them; Kirsten Dunst and Maggie Gyllenhaal have been photographed in them...and where they tread, us plebeians will no doubt at some point try to follow.

Though I hope that once again I have the strength to resist the march of the ugly shoe! I have never worn Uggs, or those fringed Moccasin knee high boots made popular by Kate Moss and I frankly turn the other cheek if I so much as pass a Croc shop!

As the G
uardian article points out, the wearing of ugly shoes such as the Worishofer is a style statement; one that says you are “beautiful enough to subvert the ugliness of the footwear”. To this I would add that ugly shoes and, in fact, ugly items of clothing in general, are not only the preserve of the beautiful, but also of the young and of the famous...or all three. For someone like me, an average looking woman, wearing ugly shoes is just that; an average woman in a bloody ugly pair of shoes!

I don’t think that every item of clothing or footwear has to be about how attractive you look, b
ut I generally try to make sure that what I’m putting on doesn’t actually take me a step backwards. The last thing I would like fashion to do is take me from average to shit, all in one cork-soled shoe!

Most of us (I mean anyone reading this!) generally try to use our clothes, our accessorises, our style, as something that enhances and improves us. Not that this means WAG style dressing, ultra-groomed, tanned, heeled, uber-handbagged. I like looking a little dishevelled, not always too put together, some clashing, unexpected items...generally trying not to look like you’ve walked out of a catalogue. But openly embracing really frikkin ugly clothing...nope.

So I will be leaving the Worishofers to the lovely Dunsts and
Gyllenhaals of this world...and will instead be wearing these.

These retro Clarks sandals that are just the right side of ortho! (and c
urrently being worn by Grazia’s fashion editor on her holiday).

They would look very cute worn with a very bright, neon polish – such as one from this Nails Inc collection (Kings of Neon!)

And a summer dress from the Pearl Lowe for Peacocks collection

Or the Oli tribal print dress

And maybe this Cambridge Satchel nonchalantly tossed on!

Not super sexy statement dressing, or cutting edge fashionista, but just generally rather super summer clothing...that would look pretty and flattering. Goodbye Williamsburg, hello West Norwood!


  1. First time I'm disagreed...there is no way you're "average looking"!!!! amazing looking maybe ;-)

    i want the satchel.


  2. I agree Lisa, "average"... look in the mirror Katie, you are beautiful.

    And with regard to ugly shoes - Crocs are truly repulsive and even if they were the last shoes left on the planet I would rather go bare foot! Uggs are house slippers and should only be worn outside if you are putting out the dustbins! And as for those granny shoes you are referring to, the Worishofer, I can confirm that I will NEVER EVER put a pair of those on my feet, EVER!!

    Loved this blog - still need to get some brogues for the winter. Office have some fab pairs in great colours (just thought I'd tell you that!) xxxx

  3. I think you have to be stunning to carry off these horrors! But you're both lovely...and good for my self-esteem!! I still need to get my pale blue brogues repaired as I loved's style shoes in pretty colours are gorgeous.

    I've got my second pair of Clarks shoes in a week yesterday! Though they were a present from my lovely mum. Raspberry and brown sandals...I'll tweet a photo later (and down from £39.99 to £11.99 in the sale!!)


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