Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Raspberry Delight!

Before I get onto the subject of today’s blog, I wanted to just mention something that is ridiculously important to me. Today is the one month anniversary of my blog!! A month today I posted my very first one! I feel very happy that I’ve reached the one month mark without becoming a flake and skipping days (I wanted to do six a week) or giving up because it takes too much time. I’ve been doing it a month and absolutely loving it! As much as I am loving writing this, I’m also really happy that people are reading thank you Edna’s audience! It means the world to me (which I know sounds a bit earnest but I mean it!).

So one month on, today’s blog is about raspberries. Or rather, the glorious colour raspberry. This has been partly inspired by a purchase (ahem!) I made this evening. I know, I know, abstinence was the mantra of this blog and yet in the past week I’ve bought two dresses, a jacket and now a pair of shoes. But, the shoes were last week’s lust item and I did warn you that if they went under £30 I was moving in for the kill...and they did! I chose the raspberry pink version, which is so pretty but not too girly, but also raspberry is going to take me nicely into autumn (when it’s seemingly going to be everywhere). They’re being delivered next photos of me skipping around South East London in them will follow!

I think raspberry red/pink is such a lovely colour. Not too pink to be girly and a bit “Legally Blonde” but also a little gentler and less dramatic to wear than red. I wore a stunning raspberry coloured By Terry lipstick on my wedding day, inspired by Sandra Bullock’s gorgeous make-up at this years Oscars.

Moving into autumn/winter (which I don’t really want to dwell on too much!) there’s going to be loads of raspberry around. House of Fraser has a feast of raspberry including this raspberry trilby (by Helene Berman) which I am dying to get my hands on.

Or on Asos you can get these great clog style boots from Shelleys (down from £115 to £58).

And on the subject of pink/red hues, I recently read something about the use of ‘pink for baby girls and blue for baby boys’ which I found fascinating. Up until around the 1940s, pink was considered appropriate for boys because being related to red it was the more masculine and decided colour, while blue was considered appropriate for girls because it was the more delicate and dainty colour!!

So embrace your 'masculine, decided' raspberry hues for next season!!


  1. Check out these shoes... I thought they were super cute and very "in season"
    Might have to get a pair - they are only £25 (it would be rude not to) but defo doing so online!!! xxxx

  2. raspberry definitely a fave of mine, the fruit as well as the hue! i was lucky enough to be accompanied by the lovely katie in my search for raspberry red shoes to wear to her wedding - found in Zara....for £30!!! they've got incredible 4 inch heels and got manycompliments on their only 3 outings so far...why are they not on my feet ALL the time! the moment is here to introduce them to the office! so once again - thank you Katie/Edna! xxx ps congrats on the 1 month milestone! keep them coming xx

  3. Sweetie i love the indulgence of your fashion wittering. Congratulations on the 1 month birthday. I am loving every word xxx

  4. Thank you for all being so lovely!

    Lizzie - I love the have to buy them! £25 is a bargain!

    I forgot about your wedding shoes lise...i should have included a photo of them! they are little beauties! that was a good day of shopping...finding them hidden under a table in Zara!


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