Friday, 2 July 2010

Very Vivienne!

Before I get on to this week’s item of lust, I have to say that I was ludicrously excited to hit double figures on the number of people following ‘What Would Edna Say’. Double figures...after a week! I have some lovely friends! I know I do need to try and promote the blog at some point so that it’s read by people who aren’t just my friends or people I’m related to! But for now, thank you! And if you are reading this and not following, join up, comment and share the fashion love!

Ok, back to lusting...

I think I’ve done quite a lot of lusting already this week but there doesn’t seem to be a limit to the number of items that I would happily devour! I have mused over this one quite a bit and finally decided to come out into the open and admit I want it...even though it’s quite ridiculous and I can honestly not justify spending over £100 on a novelty bag (even one that is in the sale!).

Vivienne Westwood bag

If I am going to spend around £100 (which for me is quite a lot for a handbag!) it has to be something that I’m going to either use a hell of a lot or is one of the bags I use when I have big work meetings and the bag needs to tie in with the rest of the outfit and help to convey a sense that I’m a business woman and should be taken seriously (I know, I know, a lot to ask for a handbag!). Polka dot handbags with puppies on them don’t really work with that design brief! And I know some people would say that you should be able to get over the initial appearance and through your work and abilities show that you are good at your job and should be taken seriously etc etc…but by this age I’ve worked out that first impressions do matter and you shouldn’t create a mountain for yourself to get over, when there are enough hurdles in your working life as it is!

Saying all this, every time I look at the Vivienne Westwood website I am drawn to this bag. It’s quirky and silly and carrying it around London would cheer me up...and probably in some ludicrous way would help satisfy a tiny, tiny bit my desperate desire to have a dog! If I can’t have a dog, then the next best thing is a Viv W bag with a dog on the side!

p.s. I want this blog to be reasonably realistic about how much money women have to spend on clothes and not too high-end designer (although I know the idea of what constitutes expensive is subjective and one woman’s bargain is another woman’s big ticket item). But up front, in the clear, I have to confess to an utter devotion to Vivienne Westwood.

When I got married, I knew that I HAD to have her with me on the big day. I couldn’t afford a frock (other than the cheaper Anglomania cotton ones which are gorgeous but more afternoon tea than bride to be!) so I plumped for a clutch bag.

Bright red with gold disco sparkle. And a ludicrous gold sparkly orb at the clasp. It was the counter-balance to the otherwise ladylike attire…a bit of quirk and kitsch. And I love it. So here it is too (I'm stood with my best friend, the best lady in the world, Lisa!).

Two Vivienne Westwood bags in one blog…a good day!

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