Thursday, 22 July 2010

Working the non-celebrity look!

I read on twitter this morning a fashion blogger who had been asking her followers for their suggestions on what they would like to see more and less of in fashion magazines. The majority of the responses were:

  • More real life style
  • Good writing
  • Fewer celebrities
  • And less ‘you need this’ bossiness!

All things which I am hoping you’ll get on this blog! I guess the way that I have been feeling about a lot of fashion magazines and blogs is not uncommon...others are feeling it too.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t look at celebrity news and celebrity photographs (Mr W has just pointed out that he doesn’t, so I’ll change that to ‘any woman’!). I have a ludicrous level of interest in what certain people are wearing (Ms Winkleman, as already confessed to, but also Alexa Chung – this is what I was looking at earlier today!) and do get inspiration from them. But up to a point. My lifestyle has, at best, limited parallels with most celebrities! Hence their style inspiration and relevance can only go so far...before it’s utterly irrelevant to my daily grind!

I would love to see more photos of women, like myself, who work, don't have huge amounts of time or money, but love fashion and style and want to look good. I know that all the ‘street style’ images you now see in blogs and in magazines are supposed to balance this out by showing ‘real’ people...but they’re frequently people who work in the fashion industry or they’re students/fashion students/artists/other bloggers who dress in an ‘eccentric/challenging’ way – often Topshop, with clashing vintage piled on top!

I want to see women on their way to work, who aren’t wearing thousands of pounds worth of Balenciaga! They’re in Oasis, Cos, M&S, House of Fraser, Whistles, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Clarks(!)...the British high street, with vintage, smaller brands, and other quirky items picked up on the way in life thrown in. And they look good!

I saw a woman on the way to work this morning who was wearing such a great outfit and I thought ‘that is who I want to see on a blog/in a magazine’. Unfortunately it’s still early days and I haven’t quite gotten over my timidity in asking strangers whether I can take their photograph! But I will and I hope that I can start sharing images of women, going about their busy daily lives, that will be an inspiration to you and relevant to you.

And please feel free to send me your photographs too...I would love your feedback and to hear your inspirations!

And here’s some of my work wear inspirations at the moment:

NW3 from Hobbs



p.s. I did try to take some photos of what I was wearing today...but loading them onto the computer has made it crash a number of times and for the sake of sanity I'm going to leave it for one I'll post them another time!


  1. I whole-heartedly agree with the goal of showcasing real people - be brave and ask for those photos. I personally love people watching, which more often than not, means looking at what people are wearing. What we wear is an expression of who we are and how we feel about ourselves. It is great to see how real people reflect this.

  2. I've now got my camera on me at all will be brave and start asking! Though I was thinking I may start with asking the occasional friend and getting used to taking photos of them...and then build up from there! So many women look great and aren't wearing really expensive clothes...I see them all day long in London and copy them all the time!! xxx


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