Thursday, 8 July 2010

A little patience

I’ve mentioned before that I have issues with my patience times they border on zero and ugly scenes ensue! Hence, trying to get to grips with the technology around blogging is driving me insane. I am trying to work it all out...and think you can now subscribe to the blog so that you’re emailed when a new one is posted. Even if you’re already following, I think you will need to subscribe using the link on the right to get the updates (and if you do subscribe, I think you have to become a follower to post comments...though not really sure!).

I’m also now on Twitter and will be posting fashion updates on there too -

If anyone has any advice on making the blog easier to use or any suggestions in fact, please email them over! If I read the word ‘Widget’ one more time today I will weep!

The time taken to work all this technology out has meant that the time available for fashion thoughts has been seriously compromised! I’ll try and post something later, as I would hate for today’s post to just be about twittering and widgeting etc!

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