Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Summer work wear

Shorter and sweeter again this evening! A long night in the office last night means I am barely functioning today. I really wanted to go and see an early evening showing of the new Vanessa Paradis film Heartbreaker but have a horrible feeling that sitting in a darkened room in a comfortable chair will mean only one thing...sleep!

So I’m going to take my sorr
y carcass home, collapse on the sofa, hopefully muster up enough energy to paint my nails (wondering about neon yellow...but not sure whether it should remain a weekend rather than work colour?!) and get an early night. And then get up early to meet my lovely friend Lisa for a breakfast stroll along the South Bank before work.

To follow on from last week’s
blog about work wear inspirations, this is one of my favourite summer work outfits...and naturally includes a stripe!

The gorgeous Hoss Intropia skirt I mentioned in my stripe blog (hopefully this photo shows how great the shape is), bargain jacket bought in a House of Fraser sale for £10, Uniqlo v-neck t-shirt, really, really old red wedge sandals from TK Maxx and...

Topshop belt and Oasis beads that wer
e a present (and I have them in mustard too!).

Other lovely work wear skirts which would look great with bare legs this summer...

Reiss skirt down from £70 to £24

Debenhams cerise skirt (I haven’t heard the word 'cerise' in years! It was my favourite colour back in the eighties!) - £30

Kimchi & Blue chambray button front skirt – down from £39 to £19.99 (I'm presuming the model is tall, so this would hit nearer the knee on me!)

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