Monday, 5 July 2010

Monsoon Misery to Fabulous Fusion!

I have on occasion bought clothes from Monsoon. They do have some beautiful items...particularly in Autumn/Winter when they go mental with sequins (which I love!). But, I think I’m the wrong age bracket…I find that most of it is just not quite right. The skirts and dresses are an inch or so too long, patterns erring too much on the side of hippy, trouser shapes just a little too dull...and way too much linen going on in the summer!

So when I saw the Monsoon Fusion range I had a little squeal of joy! They have released a range which tackles all my complaints: hemlines are more modern, patterns are cooler, there is a bigger range of fabrics and it has more of an eye on fashion trends without being a complete slave to them.

I bought a dress from the range for my hen night (I was going to be sensible and wear something I already owned...but that idea lasted about an hour before I was out on the high street!). However, the dress has also now moved across to my working wardrobe, as most of my clothes have to do! Canary yellow, a little bit of flounce (which I don’t usually like but this is just about ok) and, the killer detail, a rope belt. The club I went to on my hen night had a sailor theme (Guilty Pleasures at Koko...if you like pop, this is your temple!) and this was my concession to it.

I’ve tried to show the flounce element in this photo by doing a little twirl!

The second photo shows how I’ve worn it to work – with one of the £9.99 Zara sales blazers I mentioned in an earlier blog (a sort of denim look), Pierre Hardy for Gap sandals, Coach handbag (I love orange detailing on bags)…and all except the dress itself bought in a sale/discount outlet!

Back to Monsoon Fusion, these are some of my favourites:

Fusion Oops Dress - £75

Fusion Cosmic Parrot Dress - £60

Fusion Maurice Print top - £20

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