Friday, 9 July 2010

Lust item(s!) of the week – Back to nature

Most of the jewellery I wear tends to be quite big, statement pieces. I don’t usually like anything too delicate or pretty – the bigger and bolder the better! But over the last year or so, I’ve found myself starting to look at more delicate jewellery, particularly because I’ve seen people wearing delicate pieces but layering them, so that maybe they’re wearing a couple of chains with small pendants, or a few bracelets and I think that works really well.

I haven’t bought anything really delicate yet but if I was going to crack open my purse, I would be heading straight to Alex Monroe. His jewellery is ridiculously pretty, with lots of collections inspired by nature so featuring birds, feathers, mushrooms, bees, snails and twigs.

I actually got my wedding ring from Alex Monroe. I didn’t want anything traditional (my engagement ring is a gold, vintage Victorian snake ring with a small sapphire and diamond – I really did not want a huge rock weighing down my finger!) and I knew I wanted something gold and delicate. Alex Monroe produces a beautiful ‘string ring' which is a gold piece of string tied in a knot. You can buy the ring on the website gold-plated or they also have a bespoke service where they will make it in solid gold, which is what you need for items that you wear every day. They were lovely – I sorted the ring out really late and they still made it and got it to me in loads of time…together with a note wishing me luck on the big day!

Hopefully this photo shows both the lovely string ring and snake ring on display on my wedding day!

Anyway, the reason for talking about Alex Monroe is that my lust item - or rather items because I can’t choose between them - for this week are two Alex Monroe necklaces. I have had my eye on them for some time but as they’re both over £100 (£135 and £174) it would be quite a treat for myself. And given that I got married in April and was treated to a lovely new piece of jewellery then, I haven’t been able to make the case to myself that I deserve another jewellery treat just yet!

Mushroom & dragonfly loop necklace

Owl loop necklace

These are so pretty. I love owls...ridiculously so (though Mr W has made it very clear that we’re not a household of collectors and I therefore need to limit my owl-related purchases!) and the mushrooms and dragonfly is just very quirky. Both gorgeous!

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