Monday, 12 July 2010

Sweaty summer in the city

A short blog tonight as I’ve just come home from the osteopath who has been pummelling my back and shoulder to sort out a problem I’ve developed with my right arm (lots of pain, difficult to move...not great for someone who is right-handed!). Pummelling was followed by lecturing on computer usage, bad posture at desk, bad posture in general in life and ‘over-using’ my arm! I’m writing this with a cold compress on my arm, so probably best to keep it brief!

It’s so hot in London right now. I know it’s not proper, full-on 40-odd degree heat and would hardly constitute a heatwave in most parts of the world...but in a city bereft of air-conditioning, hot it is! And sweaty! I love summer and really do not want to complain about the heat but the sweating is something else. I stupidly checked the weather reports last night which predicted temperatures would be cooler today. They weren’t. But I was wearing more. So a day of feeling very uncomfortable has made me daydream about everything I would much rather be wearing in this sweaty old city:

Emily & Fin - Maggie blue floral dress - £45 and 100% cotton

People Tree cloud print top (handscreen printed cloud design smock top with cap sleeves, in organic cotton. Designed by Jessica Ogden) - £45 down to £32

Pearl Lowe for Peacocks spotty print dress - £30

Cos dress & belt, in sale down to £65 and £25 (can only get this to link to main Cos website but including it anyway because I love this outfit)

Uniqlo Green +J Pleated tapered trousers - £39.99
Don’t look so great in photo but would be lovely loosely rolled up and worn with the cloud print top and these shoes...

KG by Kurt Geiger Pablo wedge sandals - £85

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