Thursday, 8 July 2010

Debenhams on the Beach

As I am not going anywhere near a beach this year (unless the pebbles at Brighton really count!) this is all very much wishful thinking of what I would wear lounging around on the sand.

Swimwear is, on the whole, a horror to buy. It is rare to find a bikini or swimming costume that is flattering...or beneficial to one’s self-esteem! The depressing days standing in the harsh lighting of yet another changing room trying to decide whether my arse/stomach/hips look big and whether my pasty flesh should even be exposed!

I have made umpteen mistakes – the worst of which was an H&M black bikini set bought for a holiday in Greece some years ago. It had inflatable pads to boost one’s cup size (I am on the small side). Why it never occurred to me that something inflatable would, naturally, attempt to rise to the surface of the water I don’t know...but the bikini top did and most attempts to swim in the hotel’s pool would turn into a wrestling match with the bikini top to try and keep it under water!

I have grown older and a little wiser and tend to steer clear of such gimmicks these days! Which brings me on to Debenhams. They have such a great selection of swimwear; I’m always really impressed. Two of my favourite bikinis have been from the ‘Floozie’ range that FrostFrench produce for them. They have quirky prints, fit really well and last a long time, not just one holiday.

I know it’s tempting to buy dirt cheap swimwear but just spending a tiny bit more really pays off (not least it tends to avoid the ‘wardrobe malfunction’ experienced by a friend whose black Primark swimming costume started to disintegrate on a visit to a spa, so that by the end of the day there was no longer any coverage over the breast area!).

The beachwear queen Melissa Odabash does a range at Debenhams which is currently in the sale (and obviously much, much cheaper than her mainline collection). There’s a lovely kaftan on sale, down from £40 to £32.

Green & white floral print kaftan
And, if you want to be super matchy-matchy, there’s a bikini to go with it, also in the sale (and beach bag for the full onslaught...though maybe not!!)

There are even tips from the lady herself in how to choose swimwear to suit your body shape.

Some of my favourites in the Floozie line are:

Floozie black & multi coloured polka dot bikini - £32 for set

Floozie turquoise striped longline bikini top - £20 (set £34)

Floozie beach bag - £24

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