Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Getting organised...and layering up!

So far, so good. The couple of weeks I’ve been writing this blog have so far met one of my goals – no money has been spent; not a purchase made!

I am ridiculously pleased with myself! As you may have guessed from the general consumerist tone of this blog, I love shopping and there is always, always something I would like to buy, so restraining myself (when I work on one of London’s main shopping streets) is a challenge. And starting the fashion fast during the sales season has been a particular challenge. I’m good at sales shopping. I hit them hard and get results!

But times have changed and money has dried up. So while writing this has really helped to satisfy some of my fashion lusting, it’s also made me think more about what I already own and making a conscious effort to wear what I have in my wardrobe. What’s the expression...’shopping your own wardrobe’?!

Nowhere has this been more the case than with my jewellery. I have so much. Not mountains of precious jewels and big fat rocks, more a lifetime of buying jewellery on the high street. I’ve taken some time to go through it all and organise it and what I've accumulated is frankly staggering! Some tat and that’s been evicted; other really lovely items that have been buried away without seeing the light of day.

Wearing new/different jewellery has really freshened up some of my work wear. Like today’s...a lovely turquoise coloured bracelet (Primark), with a leopard printed wooden bead bracelet (present) and a yellow metal and woven ring (bought donkeys years ago from god knows where).

They have brightened up today’s safari style shirt dress which I’ve been wearing all summer. I’m also loving layering jewellery, so rather than just a bracelet or a ring, I think piling it on a bit is really working this summer. More is more!

Helping the organisation has been Muji’s perspex organisers – you can get drawers, or storage boxes with dividers, all of which are clear so you can actually see what you’ve got...helpful during the mad morning rush!

I know there are nicer, prettier ways of displaying jewellery but it’s pointless if you cannot really see what you own and therefore don’t wear it. And when you realise what you’ve already got, you’re less tempted to keep buying more of the same! So dig it out, organise it and pile it on!

Muji storage organising some of my jewellery mountain!

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