Monday, 26 July 2010

I heart sequins!

Mr W has pointed out that Saturday’s blog was a tad on the negative side...when I had pledged that ‘Edna’ would be about what I like and not go down the route of snarking about everyone and everything! I did try to argue that I had ended with lots of gorgeous items that I not only like but borderline love...but I take his point; slagging off what I think are ugly shoes is not in the spirit of the blog!

So today I am going to be extra short (as I’ve written a few epics recently) and extra positive!

And so to sequins. I cannot get enough of them. They are a joy to behold. It isn’t possible for me to love them more! They don’t really need to be dressed up, as they
do that all by themselves, but I particularly love dressing them down. Some of my favourite outfits are jeans, a striped top and a black sequined jacket thrown over top. Or I have a burgundy sequined dress from a Warehouse sale a few years back which is quite tight, with ¾ length sleeves and is quite dressed up but I love wearing it with a grey cardigan and flat shoes. I also have some sequined peep-toe sandals that again look great with a scruffy pair of jeans.

I really think sequined clothing is great to buy in the sales. Come January the rails are just full of the post-festive season sparkle on the cheap; I always buy one or two items which can be saved for a sparkly outfit occasion or dressed down throughout the year.

In the shops right now, summer sequins that will work all year around...

Markus Lupfer - grey sequin bodice jumper, down to £95 from £227! On the designer sale website Cocosa. If you haven’t heard of Cocosa or you’re not a member, just email me!

Topshop premium sequined drape skirt - £85. This would look great with a white shirt tucked in.

Gorgeous sequin detail cotton shirt – Oli – down from £70 to £21

Converse sequined boots, down from £68 to £34. These would frankly look perfect with the black dress I bought from Uniqlo two weeks ago.

And for something that is so out of my price range that it’s in a different stratosphere but to me shows exactly how pared down and chic sequins can look – this from Calvin Klein (for inspiration rather than purchasing...unless you’re feeling flush!).

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