Monday, 19 July 2010

In celebration of stripes

In honour of the first outing of my new, rather fabulous striped jacket, I thought tonight’s post would be dedicated to my favourite print...the stripe!

I know they are ubiquitous and everyone wears them but there is a reason for this – they are timeless. They may be lauded and lapped up more some years than others – which for me just means that there are more to choose from – but they are never really out of fashion...because they’re not about fashion. Stripes are about style. And stripes are an integral part of my here are a few items from my wardrobe (but by no means my entire stripe collection!).

This Oasis top is very quirky, I love all the detailing, from the drawn on pockets to the puffy shoulders!

Classic woollen striped dress from Gap - worn to death!

Stripes and sequins - two of my favourite things!

Vintage jacket, bought for a song years ago, with knackered buttons replaced with these slightly battered military style ones. Nips in at the waist and fits like a glove!

The glorious Hoss Intropia skirt I mentioned in an earlier blog - this photo doesn't really do it justice (I think maybe another photo using the twirl device is needed!!)

I love stripes clashing with another pattern, such as a blue/black floral print in this old Topshop Unique jacket.

I call this my snow white dress! My lovely other half pointed out the resemblance when I brought it home from the vintage store...hence it's never been worn outside the house. Again I love the mixture of stripes with a floral pattern but do think I look like I'm in fancy dress when I wear it!

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