Friday, 23 July 2010

Lust items of the week – pretty t-shirts!

I don’t wear t-shirts a huge amount, at least the sorts of t-shirts shown below, so it is a bit strange for me to choose them as a lust item. But I am attempting to introduce a bit more of a casual LA style to some of my out of work dressing (haven’t quite got there yet!).

In summer I wear t-shirts to work but I’ve mentioned before they’re usually loose, quite draped affairs that work with my work wardrobe. The t-shirts below aren’t suitable for my office, so would definitely just be for my life outside of work. And I do find it difficult to dress down in jeans and a t-shirt. Like most women, jeans are something I find difficult to buy – getting the perfect fit and length is an uphill battle. Do you buy for flats or for heels? And I know that you read about the miracles performed by J-Brand or Earnest Sewn or DvB jeans but I struggle with the idea of spending over £150 on a pair of jeans!

When you’re short(ish…I’m 5ft4”) and don’t have legs like sparrows, wearing jeans with flat sho
es can sometimes make your legs look like chipolatas! I don’t want to have to wear heels to make my legs look better as for me it will then negate the ‘relaxed’ look I’m aiming for. But with jeans, t-shirts and flats there is always the risk that you can tip into thirtysomething Avril Lavigne-wannabe territory! I’m aiming for somewhere in the middle of skater teenager and high-heeled glamazon!

So I’ve learnt that I really have to accessorise well if I want to just wear jeans, a t-shirt and flat shoes. This usually means wearing a blazer, some long pendants, loose curly hair, red lips, painted toe-nails with sandals, a colourful handbag...things to ‘woman-it-up’ a bit!

I also don’t like wearing t-shirts that are tight. Over the years I’ve learnt that getting a size slightly bigger than you would normally wear is a little more flattering. Skin tight, with bra straps and bra overhang on display was never a great look!

Which leads me to these lovely ladies! Both
a nice cut and a pretty image on the front...but still grown up (always a risk with patterned t-shirts that you can look like you’re trying to be cool...years ago a friend bought a patterned t-shirt only for his wife to point out that the pattern actually spelled out ‘Yo’!!).

The Whistles one is in the sale and down to £15 (it reminds me of classic Barbara Hulanicki Biba illustrations) (speaking of which, she does a great range of bags for Coccinelle, if you fancy a splurge)

And this one is a little at the top end of what I would pay for a t-shirt at £45...but is very pretty (though not sure whether the owl has been savaged by the cat!)

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