Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Banishing chilly necks!

Sorry for the miserable blog last night. I’d fallen into the pit of a fashion depression...there were even tears! But as I excitedly reported earlier...my bag has been located and my mini-drama is over!

So back to more pressing fashion c
oncerns. As much as I hate to admit this, a chill has definitely descended over these shores over the past couple of weeks. August is not feeling like August. In fact, travelling home from work in the evening is now a pretty cold experience...balmy evenings have been banished!

One i
tem I cannot be without in this sort of weather is a scarf. I always have one in my bag and feel so thankful when I can whip it out on the way home from work and feel the benefit of its warmth. And, picking the right one can also up the ante of your outfit...you may not even want to take it off all day!

You can spend as much or as little as you want
on them. I always find that they are brilliant to buy in sales...while everyone else is fighting over shoes and handbags you will have the choice of amazing scarves, all at great discounts, and all without a sharp elbow being flung in your general direction! In the past I’ve bought Marc Jacobs and Missoni in the sales by fishing around in the bargain bins at department stores.

These are s
ome of my favourites in the shops right now.

Topshop large
duck print scarf - £16

Wallis choc animal batik print scarf - £15 (&
100% silk!)

Red Herri
ng silver animal print shimmer stripe scarf - £12

Oasis equestrian square scarf - £12

M&S silk lightweight assorted scarf - £19.50

Pieces chain & flower print scarf - £18

Whistles alphabet print scarf - £55

People Tree diamond print scarf – down from £25 to £7

Accessorise gypset floral square scarf - £18

Urban Outfitters luxe animal scarf
- £26

Evans red rose print scarf - £12

Pink Russian doll scarf Meg Mathews at Liberty - £105

Ossie Clark Buena vista silk scarf – down from £195 to £68.25

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