Sunday, 8 August 2010

Summer trousers on summer walk

I’ve finally accepted that I have well and truly fallen off the shopping wagon. It started with the Zara jacket and Uniqlo dresses a few weeks ago...and there’s been a steady stream ever since. I’ve been in denial, convincing myself that it’s just been odd bits and pieces. But with yet another week having gone by and yet more things purchased, I have faced the facts and accepted that the purse needs to be locked shut again! Just because it’s in the sale or is a cheapy pair of trousers from H&M it is still shopping!

Shopping is shopping, regardless of what it costs!

Ok, now that’s off my chest and I’ve come clean on my shopping activities, these are the cheapy H&M trousers I bought on Friday. I've wanted a new pair of summer trousers for a while and really wanted something relaxed that I could roll up...working an insouciant, LA South East London!

[I've accessorised with an ice lolly!]

I tried on multiple pairs in Topshop earlier in the week, which was a demoralising experience. They look a lot better photographed in magazines than in the flesh, on my flesh, in the changing room! H&M had a few pairs that were exactly what I was looking for and although they’re cheap, they’re didn’t look it (which the Topshop ones did).

I’ve yet to road test them fo
r the office but will try this week and report back. This is how I wore them for a walk in the park today and a browse around some vintage furniture stores...and I loved them. Very comfortable but I didn’t feel scruffy...not bad for £14.99!

Excuse the slightly smug expression in this photo (I was going for a natural smile, clearly failed!) but I wanted to show this photo because my neighbour’s cute cat is making a very good attempt at upstaging me!

The rest of the outfit is Uniqlo striped t-shirt, Zara blazer, the Clarks sandals my mum bought me a few weeks ago (down from £39.99 to £11.99!), a gorgeous turquoise belt that was a present, vintage handbag and jewellery is a mixture of vintage and I don’t know!

p.s. I did buy a couple more things in H&M, including a military inspired canvas bag and yellow loose tank top...which I will show another day. I was shopping in H&M on Friday night when I should have been at my friend Luke’s party and ended up running so late that I had to get a cab there. So my cheap H&M buys cost even more when you factor in the cab! That is addiction Edna readers...there is no reason to be in H&M late on a Friday night!!

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