Monday, 9 August 2010

Natural beauty at a reasonable price

A quickie tonight because I made the catastrophic error of starting to clean my oven...on a Monday night. God only knows what moment of madness descended when that decision was made, but needless to say I’ve been at it for hours (it hasn’t been cleaned for a while) and finally finished five minutes ago...filthy and furious!

Which leads me to the wonders of affordable, great quality beauty products. I have very sensitive skin, too much perfume or too much of anything, in fact, and my skin shows its dislike very clearly – rashes, eczema, acne! So I love it when I find beauty products that have lots of lovely natural ingredients and don’t cost Crème de la Mer prices.

The ‘Good Works’ range from Boots is amazing. It's produced by the same company behind the higher end ‘This Works’ range and is natural, free from synthetic fragrance, colour, GM ingredients, sulphates, and parabens. My mum and I are both addicted to the ‘good intentions hand lotion’ which apparently has “patchouli which rejuvenates the skin and is good for chapped skin, geranium oil which creates balance between oily and dry skin and orange oil which brightens dull skin”...though it basically smells and feels nice on my skin! I also love the ‘good karma body scrub’ with rose, cedarwood and jasmine...and have been relying on the sports rub to try and bring my knackered arm back to life.

The other affordable range I love is ‘Naked’ again from Boots. I use all their shower gels, my favourites are the rose and orange blossom.
Both are affordable ranges, both are lovely and have lots of gorgeous essential oils and make my skin feel great!

If you have any suggestions on other ranges that are natural, affordable and you love them please comment below. I don’t any woman that isn’t on the look out for that beauty holy grail!

Natural skincare doesn’t have to cost a fortune...and right now I am going to be signing off to go and raid my collection to clean off the oven grime I am covered in. Goodnight!

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