Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Hostile takeovers

As if taking over 90% of the wardrobe space available in the house is not bad enough (and we had big wardrobes built when we moved in!) I’ve now started to steal my husband’s clothes! He is, as you will imagine, unimpressed.

I particularly focus on his shirt collection and I’m working on one in particular...a blue and white striped, soft linen mix long sleeved shirt. I figure that the rules of ownership mean that if I wear it more times than him over a six month period, then ownership changes hands and it moves to a new area of the wardrobe!

There’s something so nonchalantly stylish about wearing a man’s shirt. I know you see photographs of famous folk wearing shirts as dresses, which just about skim the crotch area, but for the less brave amongst us...and generally those that have to use public transport to get works just as well with clothing on the bottom half...something tight and skinny works best.

At home I’ve been wearing leggings; outside I would throw on some skinny jeans. I like it when it’s loosely done up, so that lots of the bottom and top buttons are undone (though enough done up to keep my bra off display) and accessorise it up with some jewellery.

What I love even more...and have yet to trial because I have not been anywhere near a beach this a man’s shirt as a cover up on the beach. It’s just so relaxed and something a little bit different to the kaftan look. It looks great just covering your bikini/one piece and après-beach with some shortish shorts thrown on.

And if menfolk object to the hostile takeover of their best shirts for lounging on the beach (selfish, I know) then the high street has cheapy men’s shirts that are just perfect. H&M and Uniqlo to name just two (the Uniqlo one above is £6.99 in the sale and available in different colours).

I may post a photo at some point of the shirt once I obtain ownership...but can guarantee it will never be posted as a beach cover up. Me + beachwear + blog = my worst nightmare!

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