Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Summer inspiration

This is a very short blog tonight. The reason?! Lisa and Monika. Two of the greatest ladies in the world. Two of the most difficult women to part from...too much chittering and chattering, So very, very short tonight!

When I was talking about my summer trouser inspiration this is one of the images I had in mind. Gywnie Paltrow wearing Stella McCartney at a recent Stella presentation in New York. When I do eventually morph into a groomed, stylish, glowing woman, this is what I want to look like and what I want to be wear
ing (and not just trousers, any of the outfits frankly!).

And I know I said I don’t like too much celeb culture but now and again we all take some inspiration from the more famous folk amongst us!

I am hoping the weather will be kind tomorrow and I can wear my new trousers and road test them for work...if so, photos will be taken! So I can show a non-celeb, working a great trouser look!

Now I've finally got off the Walworth bus, it's time for bed. So goodnight!!

Photo taken from here.

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