Monday, 23 August 2010

In the fashion dumps

I am feeling in the fashion dumps tonight. The gorgeous, quirky, sparkly red Vivienne Westwood clutch bag that I treated myself to for my wedding day is AWOL! It’s a tedious story but after using it only three times, the huge gold orb on the front of the clutch started to come off. I tried to take it back to the store to be repaired (admittedly I bought it from My Wardrobe but I thought they would be able to help)...instead I was treated as if I'd walked in and done my business in the middle of the shop!

My Wardrobe gave me instructions and paperwork to send it back to them to try and get it fixed which I followed to the letter but stupidly didn’t use my common sense and get proof of postage from the Post Office. I've since been told it’s essential (which I, of course, now realise but wasn’t told I needed it and just used the paperwork they gave me). Royal Mail is denying all responsibility and told me that in a few weeks time I could apply for compensation...which is a book of stamps.

I am, as at 6.30pm tonight, waiting to hear back from My Wardrobe as to whether they can/will do anything.

So the bag that has massive sentimental value to me (regardless of financial value) has gone...lost, stolen, who knows. And I have had a thorough fashion shafting.

Sorry for the downer, Edna readers, especially over something that is as trivial as a handbag. I promise to pull myself together by tomorrow.

To end on a cheerier note, The Outnet is having a clearance sale, so discounts on top of designer discounts!

DKNY tassel scarf, down from £80 to £16

Antik Batik tunic, down from £200 to £40

Marc by Marc Jacobs sequined heels, down from £337.66 to £67.53

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